The Crystal of science. Fire Eagle which is strong for a long war, the sound companion on the blue sea, and fishes the border sea with the crystal of science. Fire Eagle fishing hook, imported from Korea, has maintained a tradition of manufacturing the highest quality steel product, and each hook being individually hand crafted.

Fire Eagle introduced us Nickel, Hi-Carbon and Stainless Steel fishing hooks with distinguished fabrication and extreme sharpness to enable anglers to enjoy the fishing adequately with the very latest technological advance combined with an enduring tradition of highest quality craftsmanship. Fire Eagle introduced every angler with perfectly sharpness and more resistant fishing hook besides the structural strength creates a more efficient hook penetration.

Via continuous innovation and evolutionary improvement, Fire Eagle has striven to carry out the latest and
infinite technologies in processing the fish hook, with its consistent strength and superior sharpness, the resulting steel points molecular integrity is preserved, all the weakness inherent in other mechanical or chemical honing process are eliminated.

From now on, Fire Eagle will continuously move forward without resting to proffer tremendous performance to every angler by fulfilling the need of new generation fishing techniques.